tarsal tunnel syndrome



Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition affecting the ankle that occurs when your tibial nerve is compressed within your ankle. Individuals with tarsal tunnel syndrome may experience pain, burning, or a tingling sensation along the tibial nerve.

Signs and Symptoms

The specific symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome can vary from one person to another. In some cases, symptoms can develop suddenly, and in others gradually. Some affected individuals may experience a sharp, shooting pain along the tibial nerve. In addition to or instead of pain, affected individuals may experience numbness of the affected area or a burning or tingling sensation.

The symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome are often worsened by activity such as prolonged standing or walking. Consequently, pain may worsen throughout an active day. Symptoms are usually relieved by rest. However, as the disorder progresses, some affected individuals have reported pain that occurs during rest or at night when sleeping.


Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be caused by any condition that causes compression of the tibial nerve or its branches as it passes through the tarsal tunnel. Certain injuries or trauma such as an ankle sprain, fracture or valgus foot deformity may cause inflammation and swelling that can lead to tarsal tunnel syndrome. In addition, disorders such as diabetes and arthritis can also cause swelling that can lead to tarsal tunnel syndrome.

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