Why COmpounded medicines are right for you

When taking a medicine by mouth, it can take hours for your body to complete the process and during that time you are left waiting for the relief you need.

Instead of taking a medication by mouth, our 'secret' is to take the same medications that your doctor may have prescribed to you in the past, but we compound the medication into a Transdermal Gel.


the problems with Oral Medication

Typically your doctor will prescribe an oral medication to treat your pain, and here’s what happens when you take oral medications:

  • First it goes to the stomach to be dissolved where it has the potential to cause unwanted side-effects.
  • Next, all medicines taken orally go next to the liver to be further broken down – some medicines like acetaminophen are  hard on the liver and can actually cause severe liver damage.
  • From the liver, the medicine is finally delivered through the bloodstream to the rest of the body where it can also cause additional unwanted side-effects like drowsiness.

When prescribed a controlled substance or narcotic, even patients that strictly take their medications as directed have been known to become dependent or even addicted to their medicine. Additionally, when you take your pain medication by mouth, a little bit goes everywhere. This is unnecessary when you could be delivering the majority of the medicine directly to where you need it most.


The compounding difference

Now, let’s talk about what makes our method different. With transdermal gels you are able to bypass the stomach and liver, and avoid delivering medication everywhere throughout the body. This allows you to apply the medication right where you need it most – where you hurt! With topical ointments you don’t have to wait long for the drug to dissolve, and you don’t have to worry about stomach irritation. You also have less chance for systemic (whole body) side effects or drug interactions.

Using a custom transdermal gel involves just one simple step! 

  • Gently apply the gel to the affected area and take a minute to rub it in well! 

That’s it! Who ever thought that relieving chronic pain could be this simple and this effective? Don’t give up. We’re here to help you.  


our numbers

We could share a few testimonials with you, but we would rather let numbers speak for themselves. We analyzed the data of the last 400 patients who completed our follow up survey, and we were absolutely amazed by the results!

82% of the patients reported feeling AT LEAST moderately satisfied OR BETTER with the formula they were prescribed to treat their pain.

  • Patients who reported being moderately satisfied – 20.7%
  • Patients who reported being VERY SATISFIED – 42.7%
  • Patients who reported being EXTREMELY SATISFIED – 18.3%

That’s right – 61% of the patients who responded to our follow up survey reported being VERY or EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the pain solution they were prescribed.

Maybe you’re thinking “But these patients could just have minor aches and pains, I am experiencing SERIOUS pain and need help NOW!”  These patients were not just experiencing some minor aches and pains! Of the patients surveyed, 80% reported that their average daily pain level was 6 out of 10 or higher BEFORE using their prescribed pain solution.


real relief


How long will it take to start noticing some pain relief? Although results can vary, many patients reported feeling a significant reduction in their pain in just DAYS. Some patients even reported feeling a reduction in their pain in just minutes! Most pain relief products on the market are not designed to target localized pain or provide you with quick relief.

Our pharmacy’s definition of significant pain relief differs from other definitions of significant pain relief.

Did you know that when you see the term “significant pain relief” used in pain research studies, this is usually defined as a 30% reduction in pain? At our pharmacy, when we say “significant pain relief”, our standard is a 50% reduction in pain. We aren’t satisfied unless you tell us that your custom-compounded gel lowered your pain by AT LEAST 50%. We feel that everyone suffering from any type of pain  deserves to experience significant pain relief.


satisfaction guaranteed


We told you earlier about our patient follow up survey. In that survey 82% of patients reported feeling satisfied with the formula they were prescribed for their chronic pain. You may be wondering about the other 18% of patients who didn’t report such great pain relief. We don’t forget about patients who didn’t get the relief they hope for. Anyone who is not satisfied receives a personal email or telephone call from one of our pharmacists to help maximize the benefits of their prescribed formula, and we work hard to create a formula that will meet your needs!

Have you been prescribed narcotic painkillers or other oral medications that didn't work well for you? Do you feel like there’s nothing left for you to try? Maybe you’ve even resigned yourself to living a life of debilitating, constant chronic pain that just refuses to get better? Don't give up hope! Contact us about solving your problem! Or if you're ready to take the first step towards pain relief, fill out our medication request form today!