Low testosterone 



As men age, they will typically experience a small drop in testosterone production. While this is normal, some men will experience a much larger drop. If a man experiences a sharp decline in production, this is called Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome or Low Testosterone. This deficiency means the body does not have enough testosterone and you could experience the following symptoms:

Specific Signs/Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency (TD)

Specific symptoms are those more likely or directly linked to TD such as:

  • Reduced sex drive 

  • Reduced erectile function

  • Loss of body hair 

  • Less beard growth 

  • Loss of lean muscle mass

  • Feeling very tired all the time (fatigue)

  • Obesity (being overweight)

  • Symptoms of depression

Non-specific Signs/Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency (TD)

Non-specific symptoms are those that may or may not be linked to TD such as:

  • Lower energy level, endurance and physical strength

  • Poor memory 

  • Difficulty with finding words to say

  • Poor focus

  • Not doing well at work

If you feel that you may have Low Testosterone we would like to help you get back to feeling like yourself. The most physiologically natural way to correct Low T is to supplement the testosterone that your body is not making using Bio Identical Hormones. So, if you’re ready to take control, the fastest and easiest way is to get a prescription for Low T is by filling out the Medication Request Form and telling us about your symptoms.